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This album was recorded during a beautiful, windy and wild year on the Chesapeake Bay inside of an old library.


released September 17, 2011

Hanneke Cassel-fiddle (Gates of Heaven)
Jozef Luptak-cello (Albatross)
David Covington-upright bass (Brother Stranger)
Edd Kerr-electric guitars, ghost landscapes, vibrance (Albatross, Brother Stranger, Family Name, Blue to Black)
Lauren Plank-vocals, textures (Brother Stranger, Gates of Heaven, Do You, 57)
Payton Odom-vocals (Family Name)
Guion Pratt-vocals, visions (Enemies, Do You, others)
TFA class of 2011-handclaps, vocals, signs, wonders, support (Guess I’d Better Take Off My Shoes, Silver Tongue, More Than One Way)

All songs written by Daniel Levi Goans
“Brother Stranger” written by Daniel Levi Goans and Liz Kraszeski
“57” written by Daniel Levi Goans and Lauren Plank
All songs © 2011 Daniel Levi Goans Music (ASCAP)

Produced by Daniel Levi Goans
Recorded, mixed and engineered by Daniel Levi Goans at the Old Library
Additional mixing by David Wimbish at Studio D
Mastered by Brent Lambert at Kitchen Mastering
Design: Lauren Plank
Photography: Lauren Plank

Daniel Levi Goans uses ADK Microphones
Daniel Levi Goans plays Rigaud Guitars

For booking information email

Daniel Levi Goans would like to thank:
Triune God Almighty, my father and mother, Pach, Chad, my extended family, dearLEP, edd, Guion, The Machine, Hampton, Will Gray, Cash Family, Pittmans, Kitch, William, Andrew, Bob and Bob at Rigaud Guitars, Larry at ADK Microphones, Allen and Gary Levi, Colt, Christian, Zan and Deborah Fleming with their staggering piano and view, Bill and Bette Webb, David and Sharon Covington, Grady and Sarah, Liam and Parks, Kevin and Mindy, Becky, MG, Lauren, JJJ, Anna, Sarah, Julia, John, Parker, DA, Graham and Jennifer, Payton, Roger and Aly, Dawn, Joyce, Val, Sherry, Cleedis, Fence and Beth, Drystan, Scott, Jon and Danielle, Bob and Nicole, Kimmel sisters and family, my parent’s small group, Janice, Kristin, Rick, Brooke and Ava, Nate and Jacob, Leo, Liz, Allison, Molly, Sam, Marlowe, Luke and Tay, Matthew and Robin, Stock and Page, Madison and Pamela, Pat, Perk, Chris, Hiser, Squatty, Taylor Thompson, Marshall Benbow, Nick Loftlin, Steve Lynam, Paul and Justin, Matt Shatto, Andy and Laura, Diane Wise, James Goans, James Wolfe, David and Catie Eller, Lee, Royal Oak, the Perk, Osprey Point, The Chesapeake Bay with its gulls and sunsets, Trinity Forum Academy, St. Stephens AME family, Os, Skip, Bill, Charlie, Andree and Andrea, Kelly, Andy, James, Paul, Bob, Bruce, Woody, Van, Josh, King George, Steinbeck, Wolfe, PG Tips, The Gentlemen Lately, The War.



all rights reserved


Lowland Hum Charlottesville, Virginia

Lowland Hum is an art-folk band based in Charlottesville, VA made up of Daniel and Lauren Goans. The duo has toured extensively since the band's inception in 2013 to support their two full length albums and one EP. Lowland Hum's songs have been described as poetic and evocative, and their arrangements minimal, hushed and dynamic. Their third full length album will be released in early 2017. ... more


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Track Name: Albatross
On a pitch black night with gossamer wings
Beating out just around the edges
A golden albatross burst onto the scene
Like arrows filled with fire poking holes in my dreams
Making way for a mountain and a river flowing free

I hear bells
Closer than my skin

A silver tone pierced a stock-still night
The clapper struck the bell with thunder
Its echoes filled the earth with violent shaking sounds
The people woke and stood on hill and hallowed ground
The sound so bright it released them from their shadows

I hear bells
Closer than my skin

A coal laid on my tongue
A vision broke my thumbs
A golden thorn pierced my scorn
And a newer light is born

A man pulls back the string on a single bow of bronze
It was fitted with the sharpest of arrows
He aimed it toward the void
He aimed it to destroy
The crippling lies of cynics and fools
Yet the tip was filled with seeds
Which grew up into mighty trees
And the forest came back up around the city
Track Name: Gates of Heaven
Good morning good morning a new day begins
Hoping and praying this is not the end
I thought I heard the gates of heaven close
I thought I heard God’s voice saying no

Everyday I’m walking back and forth along the floor
Visions disturb me I can’t think clear no more
I’m thinking I’m gonna die alone
I’m thinking I ain’t ever going home

I spend all my time alone and my thoughts change what I see
I’ve been so long with myself that I’m all I even dream
Reality is gone from my sight
My own mind has hidden all the light

Rain falls lightly on my window and I hear the steady sound
My tears strike the floor with a force that’s surely profound
But I thought I heard the gates of heaven close
I thought I heard God’s voice saying no

But today I saw a light appear in the corner of my room
I thought maybe an angel came to save me from my gloom
I’m hanging on to anything I can
I’m hoping that straws can hold a man

Then my lover’s voice calls to me its faint and hard to hear
I strain my ears to listen but no sound is louder than my fear
I wish I could believe what you say
I wish I could stop crying and be brave
I think I could believe what you say

I see myself in your eyes the way I used to be
Maybe stronger that’s a dream I hope to see
I’ll let you in and try one more time
I’ll search the horizon for a sign
I’ll search the horizon for a sign
Track Name: Brother Stranger
Which of us is not always a stranger
Who has found the lost-lane into heaven

Which of us has known his lonely brother
Who has seen into his father’s heart

O lost

Who knows where to go to find the kingdom
Will our mouths keep searching endlessly

Which of us will not be broken by desire
With a heart too big and heaven pumping through the veins

O lost

Without words our lips move noiselessly
For the lost language we search endlessly

Who has seen April be the lion
I still see the rains come down in May
Track Name: Guess I'd Better Take Off My Shoes
I guess I’d better take off my shoes
I guess I’d better learn to be used
I’m humbled down to the ground

I think it’s ok to be confused
It just doesn’t change the tune

May truth soak in to the spaces underneath my skin
May my blood turn white and my stomach be filled with light
I don’t trust my songs
Or the places I’ve grown strong
Or the feelings in my bones
To tell the truth
Some things don’t make sense logically
Track Name: Enemies
When I met you I was drawn
By your face marked with tears not your own
I gave you a sad book to read
You stayed up all night crying about greed

With time ticking softly all June
We laughed at nonsense to make room
Both hearts had been beat up and bruised
By petty and selfish ones used

Symphonies of sideways glances
Hands grazed and midnight romances
Fairytales stories and feasts
Brilliant lights just out of reach

You lived many miles away
So we gently moved closer each day
You calmed me with unfettered words
I wept and my vision was blurred

So I’d fight your enemies
I’d brave the seven seas
I’d break my back in the service of a queen
All I do is crumble underneath

At times your pain would appear
A black serpent full of fire and fear
I’d cry out and loose sleep
Nightmares upon me would creep

Your friends always left you undone
Their selfishness eclipsing the sun
You called out to heaven above
You called out for unhurried love

Piece by piece I came to know
The broken down town where you’d grown
Nice places kind people you’d seen
And darkness so ugly and mean

You found bright places in the dust
Light reflected up among the rust
You held tight to innocence
Hoping it could not be taken by force

So I’d fight your enemies
I’d brave the seven seas
I’d break my back in the service of a queen
All I do is crumble underneath

You fought brave against the tide
With odds against you ran to hide
Wish I’d been there to shield the blows
Wish I’d been there to hold your clothes

I realized that I could not save you
I realized that I’d never be that brave
I pushed until I had to wait
I waited till you pushed me away

Then one day the sky above was clear
The towering demons were nowhere near
Sacred songs filtered through the clouds
Rescue came down with joyous sounds

Finally you knew you could sleep
At last you were not afraid to think
Your heart held together every day
One came to fight, that man made a way
Track Name: Blue to Black
We used to laugh
Dancing around the garden

I used to cry and you would smile and wipe my eyes
And you tell me this is not the end

Now you’ve faded out its dark where you used to be
Now you’ve faded out there’s a star where you used to be
I call your name but you say you can’t know me anymore

The weight of a bloodline the wake of your bloodline
Like a millstone tied around the neck rushing blue to black
Track Name: My Mind Became My Home
White walls shimmer tall and wide
Spotless spires from on high
Flawless features carved in white
Blinding light cleansed my eyes

From my birth the truth was plain
With pure heart life on earth was pain
Repulsed by everything I saw
My mind became my home

In the hollow tree I cried
Cradled in your angel arms
Perfect prisms I imposed
Upon your childish brow
Abra you are my true love
The only girl I can see
All through life you’ll walk with me
In death we’ll meet our Maker

From my birth the truth was plain
With a pure heart life on earth was pain
Repulsed by everything I saw
My mind became my home

Strong of arms and swift of mind
My brother watched over me
Silent and still my father roamed
The farm grew wild and free
One day I met my lost mother
It filled my soul with blackened smoke
The world had lost all light for me
So I packed my bags to fight
Off to war I went to die

River Jordan flood this world
May water cover every stone
Till perfect stillness fills the air
And peace may find a home
Track Name: Do You?
Cutting eyes toward the prize underneath the jagged skyline
Looking like teeth in a straight line shining unnatural white
You hear a stirring sound
Familiar and profound
To you
You don’t know what it is
Do you

On every weekend night, stockcar racing stripes blur like a springtime rite
Blanket stares, violent and unawares, unwrap silver token cares
Narrowed eyes and fists held upright, cursing the silent night sky
You feel the shaking ground
You tremble at the sound
Below you
The truth is sharp as spears
Inside you

Capitalize your name on the billboard sign and put flashing lights beside
Confirming blue and black as the hues on the righteous track the ones that will bring you back
Track Name: Silver Tongue
Rocks and trees move for me
People lift your hands
I’s born with a silver tongue

Words will rise with stacked up sighs
Piled neat and high
From birth’s first light God gave me piercing sight

Pour from me
Fill the air with ease

I met a girl worth singing for
The first one I could not ignore
On our wedding day she passed away

Went down to hell to spring her from that jail
My songs unlocked the gates
I tried to bring her home but I looked back and she was gone

Landlocked me
Robbed my nights of sleep

Thought I had the devil fooled but even he’s got rules
I’m cursed to wander alone
The song in me plants the deepest seeds

Deep in the night in the middle of May
I leaned in close and thought I heard her say
My love wait for me now and always
Track Name: 57
My soul is in the midst of lions

Awake my glory
Awake the dawn

The children of man
Whose teeth are spears and arrows
Are all around me

Awake my glory
Awake the dawn
Track Name: Family Name
I remember thinking, even when I’s just a child
That my eyes seemed darker and my heart was cold and wild
I looked to my brother and saw what I lack
It cuts me to the bone like the battle’s fiery flak

My gift just won’t do
You want what he’s got don’t you
I can see it in your eyes
Fear where love should reside
But black is the day
When I sent to the grave
The light of my family name

I love my father as much as I can
I hate my mother for the darkness she passed down
When I can’t sleep I walk into town
Where I see an evil circus with shadows for clowns

People come undone before me like poorly bound books
Unwrapping under my gaze and fraying while I look
I press them and test them and use them for laughs
But I don’t find it funny though it helps the time pass

My gift just won’t do
You want what he’s got don’t you
I can see it in your eyes
Fear where love should reside
But black is the day
When I sent to the grave
The light of my family name

When silence creeps in liquid darkness fills my head
And jealous thoughts come rapid fire filling my stomach with lead
I drive you down to your knees to show myself I’m a man
But I just broke your spirit and I’ve got your blood on my hands

I feel a lot of regret but not quite enough
After giving all I knew to give I still got treated so rough
My heart keeps on beating long after memories fade
I still don’t like to see myself it reminds me of your grave

Brother stand beside me
Brother forgive my darkest deed
Father am I destined to lose
Father can’t I choose


I’ve been haunted by the notion that we’re all on some set track
Forced and trapped in our bodies like some twisted heart attack
But knowing is not forcing me to react
And the pathway is not hidden and love is not abstract