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For $10, we'll send a video of us singing a customized rendition of "Happy Birthday" to the recipient of your choosing. Expect flourishes and harmonies, and maybe a flickering birthday candle* in the foreground. Make sure to tell whose birthday it is, and if their name is tricky to pronounce, phonetic notes are appreciated (no one likes having their name mispronounced, especially on their birthday).

*inclusion of birthday candle is dependent upon our access to bday candles at the time of filming.

Fill out form on !!! If you don't fill out the form, we can't create the custom song for you!

****Custom songs may or may not contain elements of traditional song structures (i.e. choruses, rhymes, repeated sections etc.) and may vary in length. 

  $10 USD or more 



Lowland Hum Charlottesville, Virginia

Lowland Hum is an art-folk band based in Charlottesville, Virginia, made up of husband/wife team Daniel and Lauren Goans. The band’s songs have been described as poetic and evocative, and their arrangements minimal, hushed and dynamic. Lowland Hum’s engaging performance style is a seamless blend of vulnerability and comedy, paving the way for moments of intimate connection and levity alike. ... more


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