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For $40, we will send the recipient a video of Daniel making up a song on the spot, loosely based on a theme of your choosing (subject to approval). It could be a song about your dog, or about a place you love, or about the recipient's love of dinosaurs, or about your childhood bedroom, or about the concept of forgetfulness -- it could be about anything that you can summarize in 150 characters or less in the form below (again, subject to approval). He will incorporate/use your notes as a starting place, but be warned, once he starts, his mind could go anywhere. If you love yourself a meandering, silly, potentially profound and emotive stream-of-consciousness song, this one's your best bet. The direction and form it takes cannot be pre-determined, and it will certainly be influenced by his mood, the food he has most recently consumed, how his clothes are fitting, and the quality of the air the day the video is recorded.

Fill out form on !!! If you don't fill out the form, we can't create the custom song for you!

****Custom songs may or may not contain elements of traditional song structures (i.e. choruses, rhymes, repeated sections etc.) and may vary in length. 

  $40 USD or more 



Lowland Hum Charlottesville, Virginia

Lowland Hum is an art-folk band based in Charlottesville, Virginia, made up of husband/wife team Daniel and Lauren Goans. The band’s songs have been described as poetic and evocative, and their arrangements minimal, hushed and dynamic. Lowland Hum’s engaging performance style is a seamless blend of vulnerability and comedy, paving the way for moments of intimate connection and levity alike. ... more


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